Tree Removal Service Guide

Tips for Tree Cutting and Felling.


Tree cutting is something that should be left to professionals to avoid some accidents that may happen in the case of a large tree. Small trees however that can be removed easily and pose no threat to your life or property can be done by any individual. In both cases, your safety is paramount and should be in your mind throughout the process. You also have to know how to go about this process and here are some useful basic tips you can adopt. Before you get down to cutting a tree, you have to get your equipment right and if you are to choose a professional to do it for you, ensure that he has the tools. First is the protective gear and first-aid kit.


Other equipment will include a chainsaw with a sharp key chain, ladder, rope, axe, and wedges. You can now go about the process of examining the tree. Check whether it leans in a given direction or if it has dead branches. You may also need to know if there is a safe clear spot for the tree to fall. You may also want to find an escape route to get away from the tree quickly in case the tree does not fall according to plans. Here is a chronological series of events you can go about tree cutting. The first thing to do is establishing whether the tree is hollow or solid by knocking on it at different heights to decide how to approach its cutting. 


As above stated, figure out where the tree will fall naturally and if the spot is ideal. Choose a level spot where the tree will not roll over and cause damage. First make a horizontal cut at a position lower than your hip that runs no more than one third into the tree. Proceed to make a wedge cut above or below the horizontal one and ensure you make a straight cut. Now you can go ahead to make a back cut some few centimeters above the horizontal cut and place a wedge as you cut through to prevent the tree from setting onto the chainsaw. For more information, you may also check


When the back cut is done, the tree will either begin falling or will settle on an even holding wood. Keep adding more wedges but prepare to make away at any moment. As the tree falls, run away from the site and keep an eye out for the falling tree. If you hire a professional, they will know what to do. You can find them by doing a simple online search and include your location to find the nearest firms that offer this. Another important thing to know is the cost for cutting a tree. The cost depends on an array of different factors. This can range from $125 to even $1500.


You can also know more about prices from the tree felling company or their website. You may also be advised to get rid of the tree roots if the tree grows too large for the yard it was located in or when it was located too close to a building or its foundation. If you do not have funds to hire the professional services, make sure you are allowed by the law to fell it yourself.


Make sure you hire people who know what they are doing to keep at bay potential harm to them or your property.